Anonymous said: Would you fuck a girl if she had a bf

Honestly is depends on who it is and if I know any of her friends or yada ya but yea maybe

Anonymous said: How can you sit there and say you loved the girl and then talk trash and allow some random stranger to trash talk her? You say she hurt you but you loved her so she was not always that "bitch" or "whore" you say she was. That nice guy thing you said doesn't seem so true anymore.

First of all anon, you don’t know shit..
To address the “strangers” talking shit about my ex, they have a right to voice their opinion. If I did not want feedback I wouldn’t have answered such personal questions in such depth, nor would I have posted anything at all. I’m mature and have moved past it, I’m not stuck in emotions from the past if they don’t do me any good at all now. It’s pointless and I have to look at it for what it was, I thought I knew what love was and painted this picture of my relationship in the way I thought it was and it all got shot down by this bitch, and I say bitch because it true. Hell she used to get proud of the thought that she is queen bitch in any area and not care. I cared for her but now that care is gone she has done enough damage in my life for me to even look back which I rarely do anyways sooooo

Anonymous said: I'd fuck you, happily

When and where anon when and where

Anonymous said: Can we see your cock?

Who’s we? Come off anon and maybe

Anonymous said: She sounds like a lame ass whore. What did she do to you?

I always treat my ladies good, she broke up with me on our like third month of dating because I was too nice. She wasn’t ready for me, and what I had to offer. Took my virginity with her that bitch, I waited 22 years of my life to give it to someone special then bam.

Anonymous said: What happened?

I allowed myself to get hurt by her so I can understand what love meant and know the meaning of the pain of losing someone you love.
She was basic but cute and as time went on I realize that now she means nothing to me.
So what is love?
I’m learning the different depths of it, this stuff is deep.

Anonymous said: Have you ever been in love?